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  • I placed an order but haven't received tracking information yet.
    Please check your spam first for a shipping notification. If you do not see tracking information after more than two business days, please contact us.
  • What kind of wax do you use?
    We use an all natural blend of coconut oil and soy.
  • How do I care for my candle?
    Upon first use, allow your candle to burn until the entire surface has turned to liquid wax (approx. 2 hours). This will help prolong the life of your candle. Trim wick to 5mm before each lighting. This will maintain an even and clean burn. Once your candle wax is 1cm from the bottom; it's officially finished. Scrape out the wax and use the jar for decoarative purposes.
  • Can I use my candles for massages?
    Our massage candles are on the way. If the product description does not state it is safe to pour on your skin, please do not pour on your skin.
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