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All About Essence of Candle

Essence of Candles products are relaxation-induced scented, room sprays, and wax melts. These signature products will assist with soothing those establishing financial security for their family and somehow finding the time to gain additional income, all while managing a well-rounded life with their friends and family. Someone who consistently gives selflessly to others, giving themselves no time to relax and practice self-care. Essence of Candles seeks to provide the ambiance of tranquility, peace, and clarity to the sophisticated working class, who enjoy listening to old-school R&B or getting fancy for a Sunday brunch. 
Essence Of Candles

Connecting People to Candles

The warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you light your Essence Of candle is what connects you to your place of peace and tranquility. 


The connection of peace is what connects you to our delectable candles. Our goal is for every customer to find their calm, comfort, and happy place. 

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